Rural Opportunities

Are you considering a diversification scheme or intending to generate your own energy?

Volatile returns from traditional farm and estate activities together with growing opportunities in the wider economy have encouraged many businesses to diversify.

Our expert team at Herbert R Thomas is here to help you consider which option is most suitable for you; from telecommunications masts, wind turbines to tourism and farm shops or to more recent innovations such as generating your own energy. (Renewable energy- Wind Energy, Solar Water, Heating, Hydropower, Biomass, Combined Heating and Power, Heat Pumps, Biomass Anaerobic)


Do you have a unique diversification scheme you wish to implement or do you want to generate your own energy?

The word diversification covers a multitude of activities which can be defined broadly as “the entrepreneurial use of farm and estate resources for a non-agricultural purpose for commercial gain”.

At Herbert R Thomas, we strongly believe that the opportunities for many farmers and landowners to diversify will continue to develop as the demand for local food, leisure activities, renewal energy and recycling of waste streams grows.

Whether you are considering green waste, composting and renewable energy schemes, generating your own energy, local produce, and farm shops or building conversions and lettings, our Agricultural and Planning Departments are on hand to assist.

We work closely with rural landowners and farmers to identify diversification opportunities to complement existing enterprises and increase their income stream.

We provide sound business planning services and are able to advise landowners and farmers of the issues associated with diversification; our team can guide you through:

  • Financial and business planning
  • The feasibility of your scheme
  • Planning and other statutory issues
  • Grant opportunities and applications



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