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Small changes — big impact

Date Posted: 16 April 2019

Today we are launching our brand refresh!

 We loved our old logo and brand, and considering the amount of history behind it, we found it really hard to make this decision. However, we are here to explain why we decided to take this brave new step and move in a new direction.

Firstly, it’s not change for the sake of change. Like people, brands age. HerbertRThomas was established in 1926 and since then it has evolved and expanded. That said, we felt that our old look did not represent us that well, our messages weren’t coming across as clearly as we wanted them to. With the opening of our Cardiff office, and the variety of services we offer we felt the branches started splitting up too much. The solution was to define a distinctive ethos and tone of voice which would help us connect with our customers more and make us more instantly recognisable no matter where you see us.

In short, our business is evolving and our brand needs to do so too.

We partnered with Martin Hopkins who delivered our new look with outstanding meticulousness and care. Having in mind how attached we were to our old brand, they decided to just slightly tweak and refine it (as opposed to a complete makeover), so that it is still the HRT you know, but more modern and cohesive.

The main direction we took was making the brand feel more personal. We are dedicated and tailor our services and approach to each and every client, and need our brand to reflect that. This is why we introduced the handwritten element in all our collateral, hoping it would help you see us more as humans, and less a business.

We wont bore you with every little detail and design thinking. We know you are busy people, and this post is about letting you know that we are changing. Over the next couple of weeks you will be noticing small changes through our website, social media presence and stationery.

Don’t worry, it’s still us. We’re still HRT.


But more consistent and, we hope, even more of your service.