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Andrew Thomas, HRT Director and CAAV President, on the future of the Welsh farming industry

Date Posted: 21 April 2021

Our very own Andrew Thomas, President of The Central Association of Agricultural Valuers, has been interviewed and featured on the digital news sites the Western Telegraph and Wales Farmer.


Discussing topics from the impact of Brexit to sustainability and shopping local, Andrew gives his perspective on the agricultural and farming industry. As well as Brexit, the pandemic has forced a lot of change within the agricultural industry, making many consumers rethink their spending and consumption habits. It’s no secret that more of us are becoming more conscious consumers, directly impacting our farming industry and accelerating the changes on the agricultural market.

In the article, Andrew shares the potential for opportunities to;

  • take advantage of Brexit;
  • help farmers become price makers rather than takers;
  • sell direct to consumers and;
  • encourage the growth of the ‘shop local’ movement.


“I think in the main farmers will rise to the challenge”


This will, of course, require collaboration between the Welsh Government and local authorities. As President of the CAAV, Andrew stresses that the organisation will play a key role in advising the Welsh Government in their policies.

We are certain Andrew will help lead the conscious and self-sustaining direction the Welsh farming industry is moving in.

For an insight into British farming and the new challenges it faces in the future, make sure to read the full article with Andrew through the link below!


Read the article on the Western Telegraph here →


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