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5 Simple Tips to Make Your Outdoor Space Summer-Ready

Date Posted: 22 June 2022

The heatwave is coming, the ice creams are in the freezer and the paddling pool has been taken out of the shed. Summer’s well and truly here, and we want to help you make the most of your garden, and keep it aesthetically pleasing as well as neat and tidy!


It makes an outdoor oasis for you and your family to enjoy during the warmer months.

In addition to that, it would also help increase the value of your house!



Be consistent


Future you will thank you if you make a habit of keeping your garden tidy throughout the year. One of the easiest way to do this is to create storage space, whether it’s a plastic box in the shed that stores all your cushions and blankets, or your garden furniture has built-in storage.

Store garden tools and watering cans in a garden shed if you have on, or you can put up some shelves, this will also make them easier to find when you’re working outside!

Make sure to sweep your patio regularly, as well as scrubbing the stones if they need it. But before getting the pressure washer out, check the slabs are suited to it.

Weeding your outside space is crucial, it will make a huge difference to every bit of your garden! You can use a chemical weed killer, or you can use boiling water and vinegar for a more natural approach.


Add colour


Your garden doesn’t need to be just green grass with a brown fence. Get creative! Add brightly coloured plants and flowers, you can either work out a specific colour scheme or you can have a rainbow of plants and flowers blooming in your space. You can also add colour by buying brightly coloured plant pots, cushions to add to your furniture or a patterned umbrella!


Get on Trend! 


The latest trend in garden accessories is the fire pit. Whether you go for a free-standing bowl or an elaborate designer one, there’s a firepit for you. Perfect for sitting around after a BBQ, toasting marshmallows on the flames, as well as keeping you warm when the night turns chillier.



Paint, paint, paint 


Whilst your brand-new shed might be the envy of all your neighbours, it’s dull brown colour certainly isn’t! If you’ve just splashed out on a shed, or you feel like updating the one you’ve got, there’s no easier or cheaper way to add personality to it like giving it a lick of paint. Just like inside your home, take time to consider what colour you want to paint it, and how it would look against the surrounding plants and foliage. For example, if you’ve got lots of plants crawling up your shed with lovely green leaves, perhaps consider a dark blue to make the plants really stand out.


Lights up 


Having put all this work into your garden, it would be a shame to only see it during the daytime. Invest in some outdoor lights, often they’re solar powered which is useful for most gardens as they lack an outdoor power source and you’re not having to go through batteries. There are many different lighting options available, from dainty fairy lights to industrial looking bulbs. You could also get some floor lanterns or light up globes to place on your patio to illuminate the flower beds.



So, this summer, you can kick back and enjoy your new spruced up garden, filled with colour and light. If you’re reading this and feeling blue due to not having an outdoor space, get in touch with us and we can help you find your dream home, complete with your dream garden!


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