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Embrace the Beauty of the Wild at the Vale Agricultural Show

Date Posted: 08 August 2023

At HRT we understand the heritage that comes with agriculture, how it’s more than a profession. With over 90 years of experience dealing with agriculture in South Wales, we’ve been at the forefront of adapting to changes in the sector. From strong farming backgrounds, our agricultural experts have developed professional services tailored to meet the unique requirements of each case.



The Vale Agricultural Show, a longstanding tradition, has been an annual highlight for us. We’re so excited to once again join this celebration of agriculture and community this Wednesday.


A Legacy of Connection to the Land

Our participation in the Vale Agricultural Show over the years has allowed us to connect with our community and showcase our dedication to agriculture. This year, we’re taking it a step further by emphasising the simple yet profound beauty of wildflowers.


Create Your Own Wild Area with the Help of HRT

At our stall at the Vale Agricultural Show, we’ll be giving away free packets of wildflower seeds. We recognise all that the land does to sustain us, and this is a small way of giving back. By planting these seeds, you can create a thriving wild area that not only adds beauty to your surroundings but also contributes to a balanced ecosystem.


The Importance of Wild Areas in Modern Agriculture

As specialists in both estate agency and agriculture, we recognise the value of wild areas in contemporary farming practices. Wildflowers support pollinators, enhance biodiversity and add aesthetic charm. They’re a symbol of harmony between agriculture, nature and community.


Come and Join Us at the Agricultural Show!

If you want to visit our stall and meet our friendly team, come over to the Vale Agricultural Show on Wednesday. You can share your thoughts, chat to us and take home your packet of wildflower seeds!